Fencham Dog Crates

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Fencham Pet Cages are high quality and durable! Created with animal safety in mind! The handle on top makes it simple to move around,.Supplied complete removable plastic tray which is ideal for cleaning! Can be folded flat so you can keep it stored away.

Crate Size

24" Small cage
Dimensions: 60cm(24")L x 46cm(17")W x 50cm(20")H
Weight: 3kg
Suitable Dogs: Jack Russel, West Highland White Terrier, Pekingese

30" Medium cage
Dimensions: 76cm(30")L x 46.cm(18")W x 53cm(21.5")H
Weight: 3.5kg
Suitable Dogs: Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, King Charles Spaniel, Lhasa Apso

36" Large cage
Dimensions: 92cm(36")L x 57cm(24")W x 63cm(27")H
Weight: 4kg
Suitable Dogs: Bull Dog, Beagle, Springer Spaniel, Welsh Corgi

42" Extra Large cage
Dimensions: 107cm(42")L x 68.5cm(27.5")W x 77cm(30")H
Weight: 5kg
Suitable Dogs: Doberman, Labrador, Boxer, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian

48" Extra Large cage
Dimensions: 121cm(48")L x 74cm(29")W x 81cm(32")H
Weight: 6kg
Suitable Dogs: Bull Mastiff, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Ole English Sheepdog

Crate Size
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